vendredi 24 mai 2013

Worsening and showers

Possible later


SYNOPSIS: Despite the presence of high-pressure system north of our region, the weather remains unstable. Winds weaken at this time which produce rain. LAST 24 H: rather fine with little rain showers. CURRENTLY: overcasted skies, frequent showers. TODAY / TONIGHT: mostly cloudy with showers. However, a slight and temporary improvement is possible, later in the day. TOMORROW: chance of rain.  SKY: Partly to mostly cloudy at times. WINDS: expect moderate to relatively strong easterly winds with higher gusts but winds are low at this time. THUNDERSTORMS: possible. SEA: moderate to rough seas on Atlantic, slight to choppy in Nettle Bay. SWELL: insignificant here. VISIBILITY: poor in showers. TREND: Possible slight temporary improvement this afternoon but generally this kind of weather could last until the middle of next week.. TROPICAL CYCLONE: No significant event to report except a new tropical wave will arrive over Windward Islands within two days. INFO: Juliana landings could be disrupted due to rain.
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Animation Satellite Infra-rouge Petites Antilles. Ne s'affiche pas dans certains emails. Cliquez ici pour la voir dans un pop-up. Lesser Antilles infrared loop. Not visible in some emails. Click here to see it in pop-up.

Animation Satellite Infra-rouge Petites Antilles - Lesser Antilles infrared loop

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