jeudi 9 mai 2013

Fortes pluies et orages
Heavy showers and thunder

NBBC - Netcam 3 - Anse 3

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Temps instable et perturbé. Ciel couvert avec des averses . Orages possibles. Vents d'est relativement forts. Rafales soudaines possibles sous les grains. Mer agitée. Ce temps pourrait durer jusqu'à ce soir au moins.

St Martin au milieu
St Martin in the middle

Nettle Bay Weather
Yellow watch for heavy showers and thunderstorms in effect again.
Unstable and disturbed weather conditions. Overcast with showers heavy at times and thunderstorms possible. Easterly Winds are relatively strong with gusts in showers. Seas becoming moderate to choppy. These weather conditions are expected to continue until the evening at less.
INFO: At 8:30 am, winds become easterly again
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NBBC - Netcam1 - Anse 3

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