jeudi 23 mai 2013

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IMPORTANT! The U.S. satellite GOES-13 (East) is down again. GOES-14 is currently being activated and will resume service in the coming hours (like last year). In addition, GOES-15 (WEST and Pacific) is now in "Full disk mode". GOES-13 had suffered a serious failure during a few weeks in September-October 2012. GOES-13 covers in particular  eastern U.S. and western Atlantic including our region. Further information and satellite image (without loop) on


SYNOPSIS: Weather still disturbed. Much of rain flow shifted further south while west Atlantic high-pressure system takes over but some instability remains. A large cloud mass passes north of our region, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. It appears to move towards the east-northeast. If it expands or shifts a little to the south, it may follow a deterioration of the weather. LAST 24 H: rather cloudy with few showers. Relatively strong winds. TODAY / TONIGHT: cloudy with few showers. Possible improvement. TOMORROW & Saturday: little change. SUNDAY: new thundery worsening expected due to a new tropical wave. SKY: Partly cloudy to cloudy or overcast at times. WINDS: Easterly moderate to rather strong 15-22 mph with higher gusts. THUNDERSTORMS: unlikely but possible. SEA: Slight to moderate in Baie Nettlé, choppy to relatively rough on Atlantic. SWELL: insignificant. VISIBILITY: Some sand dust haze. TREND: Little change until Sunday or even improvement. Worsening expected in principle from Sunday. CYCLONES: Nothing to report. SHIPS: see previous message.

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Animation Satellite Infra-rouge Petites Antilles. Ne s'affiche pas dans les emails. Cliquez ici pour la voir dans un pop-up. Lesser Antilles infrared loop. Not visible in emails. Click here to see it in pop-up.

Animation Satellite Infra-rouge Petites Antilles - Lesser Antilles infrared loop

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